Easter Email Campaigns – It’s Not Too Late To Send Yours!

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Easter Email Marketing Campaign

The days are getting longer, the clocks have just gone forward and Easter is only a few days away! We all like to plan ahead with our email marketing, but if you find yourself still lost for ideas at the 11th hour, this blog post could be for you.

Does your brand lend itself to Easter?

For some, the Easter celebration marks the end of Lent, a period of penitence, reflection and self-control. For others, it means more DIY, more family time, more auto-tuning and an extended weekend off work. Your brand may be able to lend itself to Easter in more subtle ways even if you don’t explicitly market chocolate eggs.

With that said, if you can’t find the crossover or an angle to market from that doesn’t seem a bit tawdry, don’t force it. Your audience will respect you more. Other techniques are available such as putting Easter games in your emails. Games increase interaction with the reader and show that you’re willing to work hard for your audience’s attention. Games with a prize for the winners work very well too, prizes could range from free postage to a free chocolate egg with every purchase.

Easter Spot the Bunny Game Idea | Emailcenter
To show how you can run games via email, our Maxservices team are running one this Easter with our clients, as shown above. To find out how this works – get in touch!

Timing is important

Online retailers will be happy in the knowledge that shop opening hours will be reduced, with larger shops closed all day on Easter Sunday. Consider the timing of your emails by thinking about the different events that subsets of your target audience might encounter over the Easter weekend. Remember that not everyone will have time off work over Easter, for many it may be business as usual. For B2B senders, we’d still avoid sending long, non-urgent emails in the run up to, or immediately after the Easter break.

Time for a holiday

Whilst it might be a bit late for some people to be planning an Easter holiday, there will still be many last minute travellers looking for a bargain deal. It also means that summer is just around the corner, and could be the kick some people need to start thinking about their summer holidays.

For those who do wish to travel over the Easter break, that creates all sorts of economic activity from insurance to sunglasses and from car rental to funny looking plugs. Do you have any products or services that could be useful to the last minute traveller?

Above are just a few ideas that can be used for sending Easter email marketing campaigns. If you have left the creation of your emails until the very last minute, check out these Easter themed emails for some design inspiration.

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