Boost Your Travel Email Marketing Campaigns For Last Minute Summer Holiday Makers

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Boost Travel Marketing With Last Min Emails

Have you booked your summer holiday yet or are you like 50% of holiday makers who wait until the last minute for the best deal? We’ve put together some ways to boost your email marketing campaigns and get those last minute holiday makers booking!

Now is a great time to be pulling together your plans for targeting last minute holiday goers. With the right email marketing plan and software, you can create and send highly targeted and relevant emails to the right people to inform them of last minute deals available.

Start with sizzling subject lines…

As potentially the most crucial part of an email, encouraging the recipient to read or not, your subject line needs to be powerful and punchy.

Some examples include:

  • Late deals from £250
  • Our summer sale is heating up
  • Hot sun and hot deals!
  • 25% off ends tomorrow – the heat is on!
  • Sizzling summer savings
  • Last chance to save £300
  • Holidays from £285? Find out more…

*Top Tip* Emojis are fast becoming one of the most recognised languages and can really make a subject line stand out from the rest. There’s plenty to choose from but some of the obvious emoji’s include ☀️ 🌴 ✈️ 🏝

Make it personal with dynamic content…

With recipients receiving an average of 88 emails per day, it’s easy to get lost in their inbox. Some of your subscribers will be previous customers and you will have details of their last purchases including destinations, preferred budget, type of holiday etc. Use this to your advantage and tailor emails using dynamic content to include destinations and holiday types relevant to each customer. This way you will have a much better chance at engaging them and potentially booking their holiday!

Let them book on the go…

It’s SO important to ensure all elements within emails are mobile optimised. With 36% of users now booking their holidays using mobile phones or tablets, it’s crucial for your email to display correctly. Pay close attention to the display of buttons and call to actions as these are key to getting users engaged and clicking through to your website. A well displayed CTA such as ‘Book Now’ linking to dedicated landing pages will help users on the road to a stress free booking process.

Follow up their favourites…

Holiday-goers can spend days favouriting and saving hotels creating their dream holiday but these can soon be forgotten about when they enter the ‘real world’ again. Sending a follow up email containing some of their favourited places will jog their memory and encourage them to book their holiday, turning their dream into a reality.

Create a sense of urgency…

There’s no better way to drum up a bit of interest than by creating a sense of urgency. If there are only a few rooms left in a popular hotel, let people know so they don’t miss out! If there are only a few seats left on a particular flight, shout about it! Save your customers from potentially being disappointed by letting them know in advance when availability is becoming low.

Let them share…

Holidays can quite often be a group decision so it’s important to give the option for recipients to forward their emails onto family and friends with ease. Include sharing options to allow your emails to be sent around the group and decisions to be made!

By using email marketing it’s never too late to promote a late holiday deal.

All of the tips listed can be incorporated within your email marketing campaigns using Maxemail.

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