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The Connected Way for Digital Marketing Agencies

My role here at Emailcenter means I work with a lot of Digital Marketing Agencies and one thing I keep getting asked about is connectivity and integration. So how do we help you to stay connected?

There seems to be a lot of ESP’s out there who don’t let you connect to other systems, and if they do it’s via a restrictive plug in so you may not even be able to get the data out (or back in) of a CRM system.

This is where Maxemail from Emailcenter has a different ethos.

Although we have a fantastic Salesforce Integration, Maxemail comes equipped with a full API which enables users to push data into Maxemail, trigger campaigns and even trigger email split tests.

We have designed the API to be consumed by the user so they can create bespoke inputs and outputs for their specific needs.

An excellent example of one of our clients who make use of the API is Group GTI, the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of graduate and school leavers career information and recruitment solutions.

They push their client data securely into Maxemail enabling one version of the truth between their CRM system and Maxemail so emails are sent include information that is in real-time and up to date. Information regarding jobs and employers is also kept up to date so that there is no manual process involved with data transference.

Some examples of tasks the API can perform:

  • List import
  • List Export
  • Email campaign send
  • Reporting data export
  • Transactional emails
  • Many many more

Our API and the Salesforce plugin is available to our digital agencies so the end user can have a seamless data experience.

Find out more about our software integrations and partnerships here.

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