Don’t Be A Pirate With Your Email Lists – Getting Your Contacts The Right Way

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Permission-based email marketing should be at the top of every email marketers list. Not only does it comply with the law, it also allows you to target the right people, promote a good company image and is more cost-effective than purchasing data. Make sure you commandeer your emails the right way by following arrrrr’ tips.

Get Permission The Right Way

Whichever method you choose to obtain your email addresses by, it’s vital to be clear of your intentions with the user’s details. By asking people to subscribe it ensures that they are happy and interested in receiving emails from you.

There are lots of different ways request email addresses including sign up pages, pop up boxes and sign up forms.

Some creative ways to gain email addresses can include:

  • Sign up Facebook page tab
  • Instagram giveaways
  • Customer referral scheme
  • Hosting events
  • Joining local Chamber of Commerce
  • Attending networking events
  • Bowl for emails/feedback (good for restaurants)

Say No To Third Party Lists

It’s important that you always collect your own data. Using third party lists may seem like a great idea – getting 30,000 email addresses for £300 – but in reality it’s not. You won’t 100% know where these emails have come from, let alone if they want to receive your marketing materials or not. Plus the quality of third party data is never as good as it’s being sold to you. You want people to subscribe to your emails because they are genuinely interested.

Emailcenter UK Limited will not work with businesses who have purchased data, so our advice is to steer clear of third party email lists.

Provide A Double Opt-In

A double opt-in process provides extra peace of mind and an archived record that individuals have signed up to receive your marketing campaigns. It’s also great for highlighting any errors to the users details and allows them to edit and rectify.

Let People Unsubscribe If They Want To

As part of the CAN-SPAM Act, every email you send must include a clear unsubscribe link and you must then honour these opt-out requests promptly. It may seem like a step backwards to make it easy for users to unsubscribe but it is actually very beneficial for keeping your data lists clean. When sending campaigns you are aiming to target engaged users so it’s good practice to get rid of the uninterested recipients.

Emailcenter promotes and supports ethical email marketing practices, which means we only work with businesses who wish to run permission-based email marketing programmes using our software and services.

Want to know more? Take a look at our permission based email marketing.

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