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Maxemail email builder free trial

Do you ever wish before making a new purchase you could try it out first? With some things, you can like test driving a new car but with other purchases, like buying a house or a holiday, you can’t.

Why should purchasing an email builder be the same? We know our platform is awesome, but I’m sure you have heard that from every other email provider out there.

To show just how confident we are we with Maxemail we have put together a 2-week free trial, so you can now see for yourself how amazing it really is. We challenge you to give it a full workout compared to you current provider and we are certain you’ll be impressed.

So what is so special about our email builder?

Having a good email builder is crucial for busy Marketers, that’s why we’ve made ours within Maxemail so simple to use compared to other providers.

Creating captivating emails is super easy with Maxemail’s drag and drop functionality. Choose one of the pre-loaded templates or create your own by taking advantage of the wide selection of tools and components allowing you to build unique emails within minutes.Maxemail email builder on a laptop

The clean interface allows you to duplicate, move and delete content with just a few clicks and the image library lets you upload, store and add a wide range of images. You can also add social media share and follow buttons and make use of our dynamic content component that allows for different content to display depending on the subscriber’s preferences.

Adding to this first class functionality, all of the emails built with the email builder have a mobile version automatically created that you can tweak depending on your designs.

There are only two conditions, one, you will need to use a business domain email address and two, you will only be able to send test emails to your signup email address.

We also thought that it would be a great time for potential clients to test out our support team. During your trial you will have full access to the team, so please get in touch with any questions or to share your feedback.

Interested in Trying the Email Builder for Yourself?

Sign up for a 14 day trial of Maxemail to experience building campaigns using our drag-and-drop email builder, as well as seeing what else our email marketing software has to offer!

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