What is the Best Way to Use Animated Gifs in Email?

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Animated Gifs Email

Gifs are a fantastic way to add a little bit of character and fun into your email marketing campaigns. Not only do they encourage more engagement, they can also be useful for recipients. Take a look at some of our favourite recent gif emails…

Topshop – What’s New?

This main feature gif from Topshop is a great example of how to promote recently launched products. On average users spend between 15 and 20 seconds glancing over an email, so being able to show them 5 items in under 5 seconds is a great way to show off multiple products in a short amount of time.

Top Shop Gif

River Island – Free Express Delivery

This simple, yet effective gif from River Island is only small but it promotes an important message. It catches the eye and draws attention to the offer available. If this was a static image it’s quite possible it may not stand out as much and could easily be missed.

River Island Gif

New Look – Happy Pride! 🌈

The main feature gif within this email from New Look is striking and quite different to their usual corporate branding. Rather than promoting products, the email itself is promoting a blog post on the topic of recent pride events. This gif is a fabulous way of standing out and is engaging from the moment the email is opened.

New Look Gif

Graze – Your Order Is On Its Way

Everyone loves receiving an email saying their delivery is on its way. These confirmation emails are usually short and sweet so Graze have jazzed their email campaign up with a little cute GIF.

Graze Gif

Sprout – Introducing Our New App

This gif from Sprout is a great example showing how their new product works. Having a mini demonstration can help recipients to understand your product more easily, especially if it’s an app or software.

Sprout Gif

Top Tips

  • Always ensure your first frame is chosen carefully as some versions of Outlook don’t support animated gifs and will only display the first frame.
  • Don’t include a gif just for the sake of it. Track and measure engagement compared to static images to see which methods get the best results.
  • As gifs are made up of frames it’s easy for the file size to be large. This may result in an email being blocked by spam filters so, to avoid this try to keep the file size as small as you can.
  • Don’t forget to link your gif as they can be very valuable call to actions.


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