Get Your Kit Ready For The New Term

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Get Your Kit Ready For The New Term

Most parents are eagerly awaiting the new school year, when they can pack their little and not so little ones off again and stop worrying about the endless amount of organisation involved with the summer break. September is very much focused on getting ready for going ‘Back to School’ but it’s also a great time to be thinking about reviewing your business tools.

I have fond memories of those last few weeks of the holidays when you would start to get yourself organised for the new school year. New pens, new uniforms, decorating your new diary with posters, but as I grew older I lost that feeling of a new start after the summer, it was more of a business as usual approach.

Now my eldest son is due to start his second year of school, that feeling has returned to my house and this year I am going to get myself ready for the new term by reorganising myself for the rest of the year.

With the build up to Christmas going to start soon regardless of the fact I am writing this in a pair of shorts, the end of the year is very busy time for marketers!

New pencil cases

I might not have the need for a pencil case anymore, however, my own tool kit needs reviewing and now might be a good time to make an upgrade. I use a lot of software in my role and I will be reviewing what I need compared to what I actually use. Working out the areas that I should be investing in new technology.

It might take a little extra time, but with the evolution of technology never ending, it is important to keep abreast of what might actually help against what is just a gimmick.

Check your timetable

I have been reviewing all of my marketing programmes to make sure that I have everything effectively covered and that my customers journeys are relevant and personal. I have found this much easier for me to visualise with our latest marketing automation platform Maxautomation. I can easily see the journey my customers are going to take and can simply make amendments as required. We have a free account available for you to try out here.

New Uniform

For me, I am pleased that I no longer need to wear a uniform anymore, however now is a great time to check your brands appearance. Could you use a makeover or refresh ready for the festive season? Looking at how your brand is perceived by your clients and sending an email campaign asking for their feedback is great way to do this.

Bus Times

Getting from A to B was easy in my schooldays. Have you reviewed your processes of how you clients get from A to B recently? Are there shortcuts that you can make that do not compromise quality but will improve efficiency and results? With your review of your software requirement, you will be aware of technology that will help you cut some of your process and allow you to spend less time on a specific task.

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