Press Release: Visual automation system lets marketers create a more engaging, personalised customer experience, with less effort

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Successful e-marketing relies on timely, relevant communication that engages the customer at each step on their journey: from initial contact to repeat purchase. Creating those customer journeys has just become faster and easier with the release of Maxautomation, an innovative visual marketing automation system from Emailcenter UK.

Visual Automation with Maxautomation
The new cloud-based system dramatically simplifies the implementation of journeys that respond to customer actions – like signing up for special offers, browsing for specific information or making purchases. With its clear, visual interface, Maxautomation makes it easy for marketers to build journeys that work for their customers, and equally straightforward to evolve and adapt those journeys over time.

With Maxautomation’s graphical approach, journeys are built by linking customisable blocks, which define actions – like sending an email – or decision points – such as switching a customer to a different path based on their behaviour. Sophisticated built-in editing capabilities let marketers create visually compelling content within the system, or import designs built with their favourite tools. The system does all the hard work behind the scenes: tracking customer actions, delivering communications and distributing data, all running on Emailcenter UK’s secure, robust infrastructure.

Maxautomation is designed to work with the systems marketers already use. It links seamlessly with more than 700 over the most popular platforms, from ecommerce systems like Magento, Woocommerce and Shopify, to social Media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s easy for developers too, with a streamlined API that makes integration a breeze – and let’s you keep sensitive customer data under control.

Marketers can try Maxautomation today, by signing up at The free trial version of the system is fully functional and allows marketers to create an unlimited number of journeys and to deliver up to 200 timely, tailored communications. For production use, Emailcenter UK offers a range of highly competitive pricing packages so customers of all sizes can pick the option that best suits their needs. Comprehensive help and support is available from Emailcenter UK’s team of digital marketing specialists.

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