How Workflows Can Improve Your Programmes and Save You Time

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I’ve always been a massive fan of the TV show Heroes. One of the characters Hiro had the ability to freeze time – a superpower I’m sure we could all benefit from! However, back to the real world none of us have superpowers, so we have to make do with finding faster and more efficient ways to complete our day to day tasks especially within the workplace.

As a Marketer, I know the struggles of trying to complete what feels like 100 different tasks within one day so it’s vital we find the most time efficient processes to make our lives that little bit easier!

Setting up and creating automated email campaigns is one of those tasks invented specifically to save you time, yet there are many Marketers still out there who are putting off creating them as they feel it will take too long to actually build them. Totally counter productive and unfortunately that was the case for a long time, luckily not anymore!

Creating automated programmes is so easy – especially if you are using a visual tool that allows you to see workflows taking shape right in front of your eyes. Using a workflow builder, like our recently released Maxautomation, marketers can now visualise how their automated workflows will work by simply mapping out the programme on-screen. Goodbye scrap pieces of of paper!

Another bonus I found after using a workflow tool for the first time was that explaining my programmes to people was no longer a chore. Instead I was able to show them a visual representation of the customer’s journey and it made sense to them – another huge time saver when it comes to collaborating with colleagues.

Whilst mapping out workflows, being able to actually see the journeys that your customers will be taking makes it much easier to spot errors and areas you can improve on –
thus giving your customers a much more worthwhile experience.

At Emailcenter, we have just released our own visual automation tool, Maxautomation, in beta, that has been designed to improve your automation building process and to save you time. We have a free version available to sign up for now and see (no pun intended) for yourself how our visual automation tool stacks up.

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