Emailcenter celebrates century of Maxemail versions on 8th anniversary

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Emailcenter celebrates century of Maxemail versions on 8th anniversary

On the 8th anniversary of its launch, the 100th version of the current edition of Maxemail has been released.

Emailcenter UK is celebrating the release of the 100th version of the current edition of our sophisticated email marketing software Maxemail, on the 8th anniversary of its launch.

Since its introduction in September 2009, this edition of Maxemail has evolved considerably to meet the changing needs of email marketing practises. Of the 100 updates, while all critical, several have proved especially popular with marketers, helping to speed up and simplify email marketing processes.

“The most significant update in recent years is our new user interface. It’s modern, featuring fresh, sharp colours, and is one of the easiest to use programs on the market,” explained Emailcenter’s Christian Williams. “The Email Builder tool addition has also been a revelation, as so many marketers who previously spent endless hours building email can now do this so quickly and without hassle.”

We also introduced a new cloud-based support option during update 77. This enabled us to provide a superior level of customer support and resolve any issues experienced by users more efficiently.

Commenting on this milestone, our Managing Director, Nigel Williams, said: “Maxemail has transformed considerably over the years. Much like a fine wine, we knew we had real quality in the beginning, and now as the years have gone by it has matured into a fantastic product that continues to improve.

“The evolution of Maxemail has always been a marathon, not a sprint. And now, the ongoing advancement of this software, combined with our unrivalled level of customer support, has placed us ahead of the competition.”

Maxemail, of which the first edition debuted in 2001, enables users to streamline processes, leverage data, build dynamic emails and automate programmes to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Learn more at

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