Email of the Month – October

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Email of The Month - October

Like the majority of office workers, I receive an influx of daily emails – but what makes an email stand out? Take a look at my favourite email received in October…

This month is an email from Ask Italian, an Italian food chain based in the UK.

ASK Italian Email - OctoberASK Italian Email - OctoberASK Italian Email - October

To begin with, this is the first email festive themed email I have received this year and, as an avid Christmas lover, it really excited me! ASK Italian are clearly getting in early with their festive marketing to encourage recipients to make reservations.

The subject of this email is ‘Planning Christmas? Here’s 20% off the festive menus!’. This is a great subject line as it immediately sparks the Christmas light bulb in your head of ‘Oh gosh it’s Christmas soon, how did that happen?!’ and it also announces the offer available – enticing the recipient to read on.

Moving on to the overall theme of the email – it isn’t too in-your-face festive which is ideal for those recipients who dislike the mere mention of Christmas anytime before December. However, it does have a touch of seasonal sparkle to it which is lovely!

The first section of the email includes a downloadable ‘20% off Christmas Menus’ offer – this is a great way to entice recipients to read the email as straight away they are faced with an offer beneficial to them.

The main segment of the email is made up of 3 feature images of delicious food advertising ASK’s festive menus and drinks. Each image is accompanied by a call to action in GIF format – I think this is very clever as when I originally opened the email I was immediately drawn to the shiny CTA’s!

Underneath this is a very large CTA for recipients to download their code for discounted menus which is impossible to miss.

The final section of the email is promoting ASK’s vegan festive menu. Including this is a great idea as veganism is becoming very popular these days so highlighting they can cater for vegans allows ASK to capture this target audience.

Overall I really like this email – it has just the right amount of festive-ness for October. It’s clear and concise but also fun which, to me, makes a very engaging email – plus I would really like one of those shiny disco ball drinks!

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