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Email of The Month

Like the majority of office workers, I receive an influx of daily emails – but what makes an email stand out? Take a look at my favourite email received in September…

This month is an email from Liz Earle, a skincare and beauty brand based in the UK.

The overall email has a very clean and fresh vibe, which reflects their products and the theme of this email which is ‘Cleanse and Polish’.

The subject line ‘What’s inside your Cleanse & Polish?’ is extremely engaging. Not only does it pose a question to get the reader thinking but it also gives the initial impression that the email is going to be information based as opposed to a hard sell of products.

The first section of the email introduces the featured product with a clear image and an short introduction paragraph. There is also a subtle CTA here allowing recipients to click through to the shop immediately if required.

The second section provides details of the 4 main ingredients used within the product and short descriptive text about each of them including the origins and benefits. These images are included as simple gifs which adds a little bit of movement to the email making it more animated and alluring.

The final section is a selection of products being discussed throughout the email, an offer from Liz Earle and a CTA – all in-keeping with the fresh and simple theme of the email.

I chose this email as my favourite this month as I think that Liz Earle have been quite clever with it. The email is corporate, yet fun and reading through it there isn’t a feeling of ‘YOU MUST BUY THIS NOW OR ELSE!’, it simply provides relevant information that I’m sure readers will interested in.

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