3 Tips For Boosting Email Engagement at Christmas

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Boost Email Engagement

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to get those last minute email and SMS programmes scheduled for the festivities that lie ahead. Here are 3 tips that will help you boost email engagement rates at each touch point in the customer journey.

Bold is beautiful

You know that Christmas is here when spellbinding feature-length adverts come into our living room. In fact, it’s become something of a competition between the big brands, with the Twittersphere as the judging panel. Well, I’m here to tell you that an email campaign is a fair bit cheaper than a television advert unless you’re planning on emailing all of China.

Focus on pushing the boundaries of design. Use new technologies with your emails that will make them stand out from the rest of the clutter. GIFs are definitely “in”, and with new magical CSS3 trickery that has found growing support for email clients, you can finally build interactive designs that weren’t possible even a couple of years ago. If you’re sending B2C email campaigns, you can generally expect the majority of your audience is opening on a device that supports this emergent technology, but it’s easy enough to ensure you have fallbacks at every stage for the less fortunate.

If you just don’t have enough time left to look at this, why not ask the Maxservices team for a free quote?

Automation is the future

Christmas is hard work for any marketer. Make it easier for yourself by crafting an email programme in advance that requires minimal involvement once live. Our new marketing automation software, Maxautomation, makes this easier than ever. You can create a drag and drop workflow in minutes and target subscribers with different messages based on recipient data or prior engagement (did they open email X, did they click email Y). What better way to raise engagement than by creating a tailored, unique experience for every subscriber?

For bulk sends, you can use a combination of dynamic content, profile fields and datatables in Maxemail to send 1 email but with nearly endless variations. If a subscriber fails to engage with the email, you can even follow up with an SMS. Build a segment with your engagement criteria- segmentation can be added to an SMS message just like an email campaign.

Find out more about getting started with SMS marketing here.

Analyse the bigger picture

One technique you may find helpful is to create 5 new records to be added to your subscriber lists. These “recipients” should have preferences or subscriptions that are genuinely representative of your subscriber base. These records will all have email addresses that belong to you. Monitor them on a weekly basis and see what kind of emails they receive from you. You test each individual email prior to signing off, but does the email programme as a whole make sense? What kind of emails would a new subscriber receive? Do they see a welcome journey? Would you engage with these emails if you were in their shoes? If possible and if applicable, trigger a couple of fake purchases. How does the email programme adapt to the purchase?

Finally, utilise our reporting throughout the Christmas period. Most of our clients agree that Maxemail has one of the most in-depth reporting suites, but to really take advantage look at continual trends to make adjustments whilst your programmes are still running. Look at our Insight Reports, specifically Performance, Engagement and Recipient Lifecycle report items. Waiting until January and making notes for next Christmas won’t win you marketer of the year anymore.

Want to know more about marketing in the lead up to Christmas? Download our free Festive Guide to Marketing today.

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