Freshen Up Your Marketing For 2018!

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Freshen Up Your Marketing 2018

Can you believe that the new year is less than 3 weeks away? Where has this year gone? What lies ahead for 2018? We’ve taken a look into the predicted marketing trends for the upcoming year and compiled some tips to help you freshen up your marketing in 2018…


A picture can say a thousand words so it’s important to have the right imagery within your emails. Updating your images is also a fantastic way to easily freshen up your email marketing and re-engage your subscribers!

Have a read through your planned content and think about the kind of images that could be related to the different subjects. You could also consider signing up to a new stock photo provider for a bit of a change – there are plenty to choose from!

If you haven’t already you could also think about including some gifs within your emails. They are a super easy way to add a little bit of character and fun into your email marketing campaigns. Not only do they encourage more engagement, they can also be beneficial for recipients.

Take a look at our post covering the best way to use animated Gifs within email here.


As a Marketer you have access to a whole wealth of data surrounding the interests and details of your subscribers however, even with this amount of information some businesses still fail to personalise their emails. Every recipient is different and has varied interests so what’s the point in sending them a bulk blast email? Not only does this cause low engagement and click through rates it also encourages unsubscribing and spam marking as recipients are effectively being spammed with information they are uninterested in. So what can you do?

Do your research
Asking questions and gaining insights into your subscriber will help you to gain a better understanding into their personal interests. You can do this by offering a preference center where users can select and update their interests as necessary.

Study the statistics
Don’t ignore your reports and analytics – if a recipient has clicked on a link it’s generally a tell tale sign they are interested in that particular content. From this you can then add them to a list of data that can be tailored to specific emails matching their interests

Take a look at the personalised email I recently recieved from Monica Vinader below. Something as simple as a little bit of dynamic content to personalise the email really made me feel appreciated and encouraged me to click through.

Personalisation 1Personalisation 2Personalisation 3

Quality Content

Having good quality content is a standard but ensuring your landing pages are tailored is also key! It’s all very well having a flashy, engaging email but if the call to actions lead to a lifeless landing page you’re going to lose people’s interest. Ensure your landing pages are consistent with the content and branding of your emails to create a logical transition across to your website. This will encourage interest and create brand familiarity for your subscribers to encourage them to continue clicking.


Automation is one of the most powerful tools available to Marketers. It includes the creation and setup of workflows, which are designed to send engaging emails at specific dates and times of a customer’s lifecycle. Not only does it save time and money it can also help you to nurture and convert potential leads into actual customers.

Create multiple email programmes based on the behaviour of your subscribers including abandoned basket programmes, loyalty programmes, milestone programmes and product upsell programmes.

Find out more about taking the first steps with automation here.

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