About Us

Emailcenter UK Limited is the UK’s leading independent email service provider offering the technology and expertise to implement retention-focused email marketing and behavioural marketing programmes.

Retention Focused

Our specific specialism is helping our clients maximise the revenue generation from a customer database through utilising email.
This key principle of focusing purely on using email with an existing client database sits with our belief that email is a fantastic retention tool but fundamentally useless as a tool for acquisition. As a result we do not work with any third party lists.

Maxemail – Email Marketing Platform

Our email marketing solutions are all branded under the Maxemail umbrella. The Maxemail technology platform for managing the delivery, targeting and analytics of email marketing has been entirely developed in-house while we also employ a team of experienced account handlers and consultants who provide unrivalled expertise in delivering successful email programmes.

Email Marketing Solutions, Services & Expertise

Maxemail is deployed either as a hosted or fully managed solution. One of the strengths of the Maxemail offering is the expertise provided from the Emailcenter team. This ensures that the client has additional support to maximise their use of the technology platform along with having an industry expert provide valuable input into their email marketing’s strategic direction. Unlike other email service providers we firmly believe that to run a best in-class email programme just supplying a technology solution is not enough.

Company History

Emailcenter was founded in 1999 by current MD Nigel Williams who spotted a gap in the marketplace for using email effectively as a CRM tool. In 2001 Emailcenter launched the first version of Maxemail which has now been established as one of the premier email marketing technology solutions available.

Today Emailcenter work with over 500 organisations across the world in managing their email marketing and our case studies provide detail on how we achieved this.