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Emailcenter UK Ltd is a leading email service provider, empowering marketing professionals with advanced email marketing software and services to deliver highly targeted, relevant and timely campaigns.

For more than 15 years businesses have put their trust in Emailcenter to help them achieve their email marketing objectives. We believe that our innovative software, reliable support network and professional services team have made it easier for busy marketers to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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Our Story

Emailcenter UK Ltd was founded in 1999 by Nigel Williams our previous Managing Director and Jason McSweeney, Current Operations Director, who spotted a gap in the market for using email as an effective customer relationship management tool.

In 2001, Emailcenter launched the first version of Maxemail, which has since evolved and become the email marketing platform of choice for some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Understanding that marketers sometimes need to outsource aspects of their email marketing, the Maxservices department was formed to provide Maxemail users with hands-on support when building, managing and developing their programmes.

In Early 2018 Emailcenter was acquired by Xtremepush

“Our mission is to empower marketing professionals with time-saving, easy-to-use and feature-rich email marketing software, enabling them to effectively communicate with their customers to increase both revenue and ROI.”


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What Makes Us Different?

We may be a little smaller than our competitors, but as an independently owned email service provider we have full control over our software and pride ourselves on delivering a personalised and hands-on service to meet your needs.

Emailcenter’s success has been built on investing in people who have the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for email marketing. Together we share ideas and work collaboratively to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

In 2016, we received 2435 Maxemail support tickets and are proud to have earned a 99.8% customer satisfaction rate!

Emailcenter UK Limited About Us - Our Team

When it comes to ethical email marketing practices, we choose to lead by example and only support businesses that manage their own email lists to run permission-based email marketing campaigns. The same level of training and support is offered to all Maxemail users, no matter how big your account, and we always feedback on board when developing our software and services.

Email Marketing Software & Solutions

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Intuitive Email Marketing Platform

Driven by powerful software and brimming with advanced functionality, our email marketing platform allows you to integrate with external software packages and provides all the tools needed to build and manage your email marketing programme in one place.

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Professional Email Marketing Services

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Maxecommerce - Our Behavioural Marketing Platform | Emailcenter

Behavioural Marketing Software

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Discover how we've helped some top brands to develop their email marketing programmes and achieve positive results.



Some of our clients have been kind enough to provide feedback, find out what they think of our software and support services.


Anti-Spam Policy

Our dislike for spam prevents us from working with any organisation we believe to be sending unethical and unsolicited emails.


Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy provides information on how we gather, use and manage data to protect our clients and their customers.


Customer Promise

We pride ourselves on providing clients with the best possible service to support them in using our software and delivering campaigns that meet their email marketing objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions

When talking to prospective clients there are some questions that always crop up, which we have shared to give you a better understanding of what we offer.