Data Centres

Emailcenter’s UK Platforms are located at two data centres in the UK, Hemel Hempstead and Croydon. Both are close to London’s Internet Exchange thus giving a high speed connection speed to the Internet. The tier 3 datacentres are in a purpose built buildings that offers a high level of redundancy to keep the systems alive. The data centres are manned 24 hours a day by experienced network engineers.

GDPR Compliance

Emailcenter is GDPR compliant, which also includes our data centres that meet the required specifications for GDPR compliance.


Both our data centres are located in the United Kingdom in Hemel Hempstead and Croydon meaning the database doesn’t leave the UK.


Accreditation held by the data centres include ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.

Fire​ ​Prevention

The Fire prevention system is constructed of strategically placed detectors (smoke and heat) creating ‘zones’ within the floor and ceiling voids. The system works on a ‘double knock’ basis and is linked /interfaced into the House Building System. The system is a gassed based FM-200 Fire prevention unit, with a pressure of 25 Bar, release time 30 seconds, extraction time 30 minutes, alert to dump time 30 seconds. Extracted via smoke vents.


The supply is distributed from a diversely routed 11KV ring main. The UPS is a battery inverter floating 800KVA with an instantaneous electronic change over switch. The generator is a dedicated 1750 KVA unit, with at least 48 hours worth of fuel held on-site and at off-site reserves.

Data​ ​Back-Up

A snap-shot of all client data is taken every hour and is stored on a dedicated back- up server as a differential backup data set. The snap-shot data can be restored to individual client accounts on an on request basis.

Server​ ​Resilience

Our Platforms use state of the art hardware technology employing multiple load balanced servers containing redundant power supplies and RAID configured disk storage systems and silicon drives.

System​ ​Resilience

Each key element of the system architecture is mirrored across a number of servers to allow any single server to be taken off-line for routine maintenance without affecting the overall service delivery, service response times or client service experience. After maintenance the servers will synchronise to the others automatically. This means that the overall system will provide 100% up time.

Air​ ​Conditioning

Climate control systems monitor and adjust temperature and moisture levels, suites use tight controlled gas based air conditioners each of which is of a dual circuit design with two chillers, compressors and condensers providing two independent circuits for maximum availability. There is ample ‘redundancy’ in the calculation should a unit fail, within the current configuration of six Airedale down flow units. Each unit delivers 30t/r cooling. The air conditioning is set to 20C and 50% relative humidity.


The floor is raised with under floor moisture detection. The floor is rated at 1000kgs per sq meter.

Power​ ​Supply​ ​Rack

Each rack has two power feeds each fused with a 16Amp PDU which runs ‘commando style’ sockets these come from separate distribution boxes which are fed diversely through the building from the UPS system.

Datacentre​ ​LAN

The LAN is based on Cisco architecture with no single point of failure throughout.