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Frequently Asked Questions

When speaking to potential customers there are a number of questions that often crop up, so we’ve pulled together a list of our top 10 most frequently asked questions to help you understand what we offer as a company.

1. What Does Emailcenter Offer?

Emailcenter’s core software product is Maxemail, an intuitive email marketing platform that’s been developed in-house over the past 15 years to meet the needs of the modern marketer. It provides all the tools needed to create and manage bespoke email marketing programmes with ease from one central location.

All Maxemail users are provided with an introductory training session and have access to ongoing support should they need assistance during their contract. Our Maxservices Team is available should any of our clients need to outsource management of their email marketing and offer a range of services from campaign creation to quarterly reviews.

Maxecommerce is our secondary software product, a behavioural marketing platform that enables marketers to push relevant content based on website activity and used to support cart and browse abandonment email programmes.

2. How Much Does it Cost to Use Your Email Marketing Platform?

The cost of using Maxemail depends on many factors, for example, how many email credits you require, if you request a bespoke setup etc. We tailor our packages to the needs of the client so will discuss all options before creating an account.

3. Can You Connect My CRM System?

Yes – we can integrate your CRM system, such as Salesforce, and other software packages with Maxemail so you have the ability to fetch real-time data via the platform’s API to trigger emails and send personalised content.

4. How Long Does it Take to Set Up?

The initial setup of your Maxemail account can take up to 24 hours once the onboarding documentation has been completed. However, other tasks such as email template creation, custom domain and DKIM setup and bespoke software integration will require additional time.

5. Do You Offer Training and Support?

Yes – introductory training and ongoing support are offered as standard to all Maxemail users, no matter how big or small their account. Our team are available during business hours via telephone and email should you need speak with them.

6. Where are your data centres located?

Our two data centres at separate locations within the UK.

7. I Need Help Managing My Email Campaigns, Can You Help?

Yes – our Maxservices team can help those who need to outsource all or part of their email marketing. They offer a range of services and can tailor the level of account management if needed, from building simple campaigns to setting up and managing complex automated email programmes.

8. Can You Help Me to Identify Areas for Improvement?

Yes – our Maxservices team can review your account and provide recommendations to how you can develop your email marketing programme, and if you need assistance when implementing these then they can help with that too.

9. Can I Use Third Party Email Lists?

No – we do not allow any organisation using third party data to send emails from Maxemail, nor do we buy or sell email data. Emailcenter supports ethical email marketing practices and encourages all clients to gain permission from their subscribers before sending emails.

10. Do You Work With Agencies and Resellers?

Yes – many agencies have white labelled Maxemail as their own or use it to manage their own client’s email marketing campaigns.

11. Is it Possible to Have Multiple Users?

Yes – we will show you how to set up additional users, manage permissions and control parts of the platform, which is handy for large marketing teams and digital marketing agencies.

Do You Have Any Questions?

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