Emailcenter UK Limited Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Personal Data

Emailcenter UK Limited collects personal data from a variety of sources including the website, exhibitions, seminars, emails and personal telephone calls. None of this data is collected without the users permission.

Information that is collected includes names, contact details, preferences and commercial information.

2. Use of Data

The data is used to provide the recipient with relevant information on Emailcenter UK Limited products and services, a regular newsletter or any other information they requested.

The data is never sold or rented to 3rd parties.

3. Third Party Lists

From time to time Emailcenter UK Limited may acquire personal data from third parties for use by Emailcenter or Emailcenter customers. The lists opt-in and permission gathering mechanism are closely examined to determine they meet all UK and European legal requirements before they are the used. The list owner must demonstrate that individuals have been notified of the proposed disclosure and they have given positive consent for this use.

4. Refusal of Personal Data

The provision of your personal data is entirely optional and intended to help us serve you better.

5. Viewing Personal Data

At any time you may request to view the personal data that we have stored. You may also ask for your data to be removed or to opt-out of any of our communications.

6. Data Protection Act 1998 and the Data Protection Registrar

Emailcenter are registered with the data protection register and fully comply with the regulations defined by the 1998 act. All data is stored on our secure servers located at our head office in Northamptonshire. Our Registration Number is PZ5695993.

7. Email Tracking

Emailcenter UK Limited tracks each email message sent from our Maxemail servers to analyse how many people open the email and which links are clicked upon. This information is used to help increase the relevancy and quality of future emails. If you would like the emails you receive to exclude any tracking tools then please contact us via the details below:

Emailcenter UK Limited
West Tithe
Pury Hill Business Park
NN12 7LS

Tel: +44 (0)1327 811884
Fax: +44 (0)1327 810256

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