Emailcenter for the Community

Everyone at Emailcenter believes that it is important to do our bit for our local community and further afield. Find out about some of the charitable events and personal goals the team have been up to.

Running Man Martin

What started out as a bit of family competition has now turned into a full time hobby for Martin. He regularly participates in parkrun, organised 5km timed runs, but he recently stepped it up a level and ran his first half marathon in the Milton Keynes Marathon. As all runners will know it takes a while to build up endurance to even run a for a couple of minutes so running the half marathon is an amazing achievement!

Captain The Police Dog

Jason, our Technical Director, and his family are surrogate parents to Captain, a German Shepherd Police Dog puppy for the West Midlands Police. They generally look after him for around 9 months depending on his progression. A very important part of the training includes exposing him to different experiences and environments. These include taking him into busy town centres, shops, noisy pubs, on trains, buses etc. allowing him to socialise him with strangers and other animals. Jason and his family also get involved in training days at the Police dog training centre where Captain can spend some time with other police dogs at Birmingham airport.
Captain - Police Dog

Saving Lives with Bone Marrow Donations

It isn’t often you can say you work with someone who has saved a life, but our very own Business Development Manager Lee has saved not one but TWO lives! Lee joined the Anthony Nolan trust a number of years ago which was especially important for him to do so as he has a rare blood type. He was contacted earlier this year to discuss the need for donating his bone marrow to help some very poorly twins. The trust doesn’t want any of their donators to be penalised by their employers for having time off to do such an amazing thing and offer to cover the employee’s salary for the time they will be away, which is at least a week. A fellow charitable sole and Emailcenter Managing Director, Nigel, refused this offer from Anthony Nolan, stating “It’s not every day that one of your staff can actually help to save a life and we fully support Lee in this exception deed”. The donation was successful and in a recent update, Lee was informed that the twins were doing very well.

To find out about how you can become a donor for Anthony Nolan visit their Donor registration website.

Northamptonshire Health Charitable Fund Northampton General Hospital

Emailcenter recently supported and sponsored a Charity Disco in aid of Northamptonshire General Hospital. It was especially fantastic to hear that the event significantly exceeded the target amount of £500 by raising £3000! The money raised will be of great benefit to a wide range of people within the community and it will help to fund some of the remaining work needed to complete the new Chemotherapy Suite within the hospital.

Football Coach – Matt

Matt, our Product Manager, coaches Under 8’s Brixworth Juniors Football Club – who have just finished their season. Based in Brixworth, the club have an impressive amount of teams ranging from mini’s (4-6 year olds) to under 18’s and have been going for over 2 decades! The club also use Maxemail to send newsletters and other useful information to all the parents.

Emailcenter also provides kit sponsors for the team which includes personalised rain jackets, woolly hats and gloves which all come in very useful, protecting the team from the elements in the winter months!
Captain - Police Dog