Maxemail Features

Want more from your email marketing software? Maxemail includes a number of features to help maximise your email campaign performance. These easy-to-use tools cater for all levels, including a range of basic, advanced and complex features to cover all aspects of your email marketing requirements. The Maxemail features are broken down into the categories to help guide you through the process. To find out more about Maxemail’s features, click the boxes below.



Maxemail’s Data Features help you to capture, grow and personalise your data.


Create & Edit

Maxemail’s Create & Edit Features enable you to build email campaigns in a straightforward and manageable fashion.


Test & Send

Maxemail’s Test & Send Features help maximise the performance of your email campaigns.



Maxemail's reporting features allow you to visualise your campaign results through a variety of tools.


Email Builder

Build mobile responsive emails without any html knowledge.