Marketing Automation for retailers and ecommerce sites

Marketing Automation For Retail and Ecommerce

Marketing Automation is the perfect channel for Retail and Ecommerce businesses. You can automatically target your subscribers with relevant and timely communications.

What are the benefits of marketing automation for Retailers?

Increased Engagement

Sending tailored content to individuals as opposed to batch and blast encourages more engagement.

Sustained Customer Relationship

Emails are focused on constantly improving your relationship with customers making them happy and loyal.

Relevant Content

Having an insight into customer’s behaviour e.g. buying habits and times, your emails can be relevant to each individual.

Programme examples

Welcome Programmes

Benefits of Welcome Programmes

Treat your new subscribers to a series of welcome emails that will,

  • introduce them to your brand
  • highlight what they can expect from you
  • give a new subscriber offer, for example, 10% off your first order or free delivery
  • entice them into making that first or next purchase

How can I implement?

If you already have sign-up forms on your website then it will be easy for you to start your first welcome programme using the submission of the sign up form as the trigger. If you don’t, you need to use the initial point in which you collected data from your subscribers to trigger your programme. Make sure you are making it clear to your subscribers that you will be sending them marketing communications.

Welcome programme workflow

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Birthday/Anniversary Programmes

Benefits of Birthday Programmes

Celebrate with your subscribers on their birthday and or sign up anniversary

  • Thank or celebrate with them by giving special deals, vouchers or offer codes
  • Remind them that you value their business
  • Show you care with relevant offers and content
  • Use seasonal habits to remind of previous purchase anniversary

How can I implement?

Using the initial date stamp of their first signup with you, set your timescale for their anniversary to be sent, for example 1 year. If you are going to send them a birthday treat, then use this information as your trigger point.

Build Your Own Birthday Programme

Reactivation Programme

Benefits of Reactivation Programmes

Not only because GDPR is coming in the first half of 2018 but also as best practice, think about creating an automatic reactivation programme, that will go out to your subscribers who haven’t made a purchase in the last 6 months, by giving them a personalised offer.

How can I implement?

Using behavioural data, you can target all of your customers who haven’t purchased in the last 6 months. Additionally you could make your offer even more relevant by using their previous purchase history to give them products that will be more interestomg to them.

reactivation programme

Build Your Own Reactivation Programme

Loyalty Programme

Benefits of Loyalty Programmes

As returning customers spend 67% more than new customers ( reward your best and loyal customers with a special loyalty programme that can be triggered on purchase and depending on the level of customer they are, that you will have determined in your CRM, you could send them a specific offer code.

How can I implement?

Create a loyalty scheme by using the customer purchase history. Set and input your criteria in to your programme and you can start sending out communications with dynamic content that will give a specific offer to your best clients. Additionally for all clients that are not already in the loyalty scheme, in place of the offer that would be displayed, you could give them the benefits of signing up to the scheme to increase your take up.

Loyalty Scheme Programme

Build Your Own Loyalty Programme

Upsell Programmes

Benefits of Upsell Programmes

Do you have any products that you could push through an upsell programme, like extended warranties, or relatable products. Take advantage of an upsell programme to push relevant products that relate to their most recent purchase.

How can I implement?

Using dynamic content you can display related upsell offers in your emails. Depending on the number of products you have, basic dynamic content will be fine for less then 10, any more and you may want to consider using data tables.

Upsell Programme Workflow

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Cart Abandonment Programmes

Benefits of Cart Abandoment Programmes

73.9% of shopping cards are abandoned in the retail sector so a cart abandonment programme is a necessity to;

  • Remind abandoners of what they left behind,
  • Entice them back to your store by offering discount codes
  • Highlight the benefits of completing a purchase with you
  • Offer alternatives or complementary products to what was abandoned

How can I implement?

Firstly you will need an Email Marketing Platform like Maxemail with this feature available, connect up your e-commerce store and then build your programme. It is as simple as that. We will aid you in getting set up if you need it and you can start to recover your abandoned baskets.

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