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Maxautomation Features

Visual Workflow Builder

 | Email Builder 

 | Triggered SMS Messages

Triggered Emails

 | API

 | HTML Upload

Zapier Integration

 | Magento Plugin

 | Time Specific Delays

Date Specific Delays

 | Contact Field Delays

 | Relative Date Delays

Decision Engine

 | Behavioural Decisioning

 | Workflow Action Reporting

Detailed Reporting

 | Dynamic Content

 | Unsubscribe Management

Bounce Management | CSV Upload

Maxautomation Features In Detail

Visual Workflow Builder

  1. Email & SMS messaging available
  2. Aids Programme Planning
  3. Fast setup
  4. Straightforward Programme Creation

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Marketing Automation

Email Builder

  1. Drag & Drop Functionality
  2. Uncomplicated User Interface
  3. Speeds Up Creation Process

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Automation email builder

SMS Creator

  1. Text Editor
  2. Supports Emoji’s 😄👍
  3. Automatic OptOut added to all SMS
  4. SMS message size calculator

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SMS creator in Maxautomation

Triggered Emails & SMS

  1. Event triggers
  2. Multiple Workflow Triggers
  3. Trigger From Webforms

Data Events

Transactional Emails

  1. Send Booking Conformations, account updates, etc.
  2. Allows unsubscribed email address to still receive transactional emails

transactional emails

Action Delays

  1. Time Period Delay – Sets a specific length of time that the Contact will be delayed at this Action for.
  2. Contact Field Delay – Delay the Contact until the current date/time matches the date/time stored in a Contact Field.
  3. Relative Date Delay – Delay the Contact until a date/time relative to the date/time stored in a Contact Field.
  4. Specific Date Delay – Sets a specific date (and optionally time) that all Contacts will be delayed at this Action until.

Decision Actions

  1. Determine the path a contact will travel based on a set of criteria
  2. Decision Toolbox for setting criteria
  3. Decision Editor
  4. Logic Switching

Data Input

Maxautomation gives you three methods to input data.

  1. API – Link your software to send data via API directly to Maxautomation
  2. Zapier Integrations – Integrate over 750+ different applications and software
  3. CSV Upload – Manually add your data to a workflow by uploading your CSV

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Workflow Actions

Behavioural Decisioning

  • First / Last / Specific – Use decisions based on key behavioural data, like first opened, last clicked etc.
  • Opened – Was a specific or range of emails opened?
  • Clicked – Was a specific or range of emails clicked?

Behavioural Decision


Gain key statistics from your workflows including;

  • Contact into Workflow – The number of contacts who have entered the workflow
  • Contacts through each action – The Number of contacts who have entered each action in the workflow
  • Contact Waiting – Number of contacts waiting at each delay
  • Decisions Insights – See the direction and the number of contacts through the decisions
  • Endpoint Arrivals – The number of contacts that have reached each endpoint
  • Emails Sent / Opened / Clicked – See which emails have received the best open and click rates

Reporting in MXA

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