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Marketing Automation for Agencies.

Maxautomation is a visual marketing automation tool designed to make creating customer journeys for your clients effortless.

The Visual Approach

Easily see the journey ahead for your clients. Maxautomation is built to be your visual aid in creating workflows. Using your experience you can comfortably create action based journeys such as sign up programmes, purchases or enquiry forms.

Manage More Clients With Less Resources

Maxautomation is so quick and straightforward to use you will save hours in your programme builds, giving you more time to focus on other tasks. With multiple users able to access the workflow at a time and multiple companies it is a very effective system when it comes to managing all of your clients.

Retaining Control

With multi-user access, workflows can be managed concurrently from a number of users., whilst agencies retain control and have the freedom to create, develop and manage workflows for their clients. Maxautomation gives you the tools to develop new revenue streams for them and their clients

Benefiting Your Clients And Their Customers!

Not only will your clients benefit from your automated programmes, but their customers will too by improving their overall experience when recieving timely and relevant communications based on their behaviour or actions.

Easy Agency Set-up

Maxautomation is incredibly easy and quick to set up. With integrations available for hundreds of other software, you can set up your connections painlessly.

Cost Effective

Maxautomation has packages to suit all businesses, especially agencies. Get in contact to see how cost effective Maxautomation will be for you and your clients.

Over 700+ Integrations

Connect to over 700 of the most popular platforms including Magento, Woocommerce, Salesforce, Shopify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress…

Enhance Your Agencies Processes

Maxautomation will give you the ability to streamline some of your processes by saving you time and improving productivity.

White Labeling

Maxautomation is also available for white labeling so if you require your clients to have access but don’t wish for them to see an alternative brand, you can sign up for a white labelled version.

GDPR Compliance

Maxautomation helps agencies to implement and manage GDPR compliant programmes, helping them to effectively implement and manage their programmes knowing they will adhere to the new regulations.

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