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Marketing Automation Programmes

Welcome Programmes

Create a series of emails to target your new subscribers. Welcoming them to your brand and giving them insight and setting their expectation for what will follow.

  1. Start with a basic workflow of 2-3 emails.
  2. Monitor your workflow and add additional stages as required
  3. Review your data and see where it can be used to make your programme more relevant

Welcome programme workflow

Build Your Own
Welcome Programme

Nurture Programme

After your welcome programme has been completed. Use a nurture programme to keep in touch with your subscribers.

  1. Maximise the data you hold for your subscriber
  2. Give different offers based on loyalty of your clients
  3. Re-engage your elapsed clients with tailored paths
Nurture Programe workflow

Build Your Own Nurture Programme

Product Upsell Programme

Following a purchase send a upsell programme to push relevant related products.

  1. Split programme down by categories
  2. Keep the programme short
  3. Drive customers back to purchase with incentives
Upsell Programme Workflow

Build Your Own Upsell Programme

Loyalty Scheme Programme

Reward your best customers with special offers or gift as a thank you for their loyalty.

  1. Add a threshold to your data based on number or value of orders from customers
  2. Tailor offers based on level customer
  3. Invite customers to join a loyalty scheme
Loyalty Scheme Programme

Build Your Own Loyalty Programme