Behavioural Marketing Software

Creating a hyper-personalised shopping experience for your customers has never been so simple. Maxecommerce is a behavioural marketing software that enables marketers to quickly target customers with highly-relevant website and email content to help recover abandoned carts, forms and browser visits.

Maxecommerce generated a 2.6% sales uplift and a recovery rate of 6% in the first month, which made us all very happy.” – Hungry House

Recovery Emails

Real-time: – Because most cart abandonment leads go cold within an hour -Shoppers don’t need to log into their shopping cart to be tracked – Advanced real-time email personalisation; not just the cart contents – Start with recovery emails, then personalise your emails and web pages.

Recovery Emails

Email Personalisation

Extensive Email Personalisation

Increase ROI with real-time content for all your marketing emails – Individual recommendations, based on browsed & purchased products – Crowd-sourced recommendations, such as trending products – Count-down timers: for sales, offers and events – Fully personalised Hero products and images.

Extensive Web Personalisation

Convert sessions into sales with real-time web personalisation – Feature related products to improve cross-selling ROI – Crowd-sourced recommendations, such as trending products – Define consistent marketing across web, email and social – Real-time website reports, such as what your visitors are doing right now.

Web Personalisation


Real-time Targeting

Segment your customers by their behaviours in real-time – Segment using real-time customer behaviour data – Enhance existing dynamic content functionality – Filter recovery emails based on specific customer profile – Personalise content in recovery emails

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