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Advanced Email Marketing Software for In-House Management

Our highly-advanced email marketing software contains an extensive range of powerful tools designed to make your life easier. Brimming with the latest technology, Maxemail enables you to connect to external data sources and streamline your email marketing process to create personal, relevant and timely campaigns.

Maxemail’s simplicity and comprehensive support package, combined with the ability to create highly targeted and automated campaigns, has made Emailcenter an instrumental partner in building our email marketing programme across the business.” – Saga

Import Data and Build Your Audience

Integrate your CRM system, eCommerce platform and other software applications used by your business to automatically import and update data within Maxemail.

Take advantage of our data management tools to target specific customers with highly-personalised and timely emails.

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Powerful Drag and Drop Email Builder

Forget about coding your emails from scratch, use the drag and drop email builder within the platform to create mobile-responsive email templates and build your campaigns. Stylise and structure your emails, and add various components including text, images and gifs, snippets, social buttons, newsfeeds, personalisation, dynamic content and more.


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Include Personalisation and Dynamic Content

Add personalisation to your subject lines, preview text and content, and easily pull in dynamic content components using the drag-&-drop email builderCreate rulesets that trigger specific text, images, call to actions and more upon rendering.

Build one email campaign and control what information is sent to each recipient. Make use of your customer’s demographic, geographic and behavioural data to tailor messages that are relevant to them.

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Build Mobile Responsive Emails With Ease

Create mobile-responsive templates by using the email builder and ensure content displays correctly for mobile viewing.

Check how your emails look using the mobile preview, easily make adjustments to what content is shown and modify how columns are stacked compared to your desktop version.

Trigger Emails to Send at the Right Time

Use real-time data and tools within Maxemail to quickly target customers. Our email marketing software allows you to automate campaigns by triggering emails following an action on your website or at a specific point of the customer journey. Implement automated campaigns to send booking confirmations, order status updates, quotations, renewal reminders and much more.

Test to Maximise Your Campaign’s Performance

Go beyond split A/B testing in Maxemail and measure the performance of multiple A/B/C/D/E email versions. Use the multivariate testing tool to test different elements and variations of your email to create a final version based on the winning combination.

Thoroughly Check Emails Before Sending

Use the Litmus Email Preview tool that’s integrated into the platform to see how your emails render across more than 30 email clients, covering both web-based and mobile devices.

Send unlimited inbox tests, check your email for potential errors, run spam checks and assess deliverability before sending to your selected email lists and segments.

Maxemail - Email Marketing Software Email Preview Tool | Emailcenter

Delve into Real-Time Reporting Statistics

Report on the performance of each campaign and see how engaged your segments are using our comprehensive reporting suite. View top-level statistics including total number sent, bounces, open rates, clicks, conversion rate and return on investment.

Explore each reporting measure for more in-depth feedback on unsubscribes, time of engagement and links clicked. See where your customers are clicking on your emails using the heat map and keep tabs on email client deliverability.

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Email Marketing Software Features and Benefits

Easy-to-Use Interface

Add widgets to your dashboard and use the navigation panel to select and organise folders, campaigns, templates, snippets, rulesets, data and your favourites easily.


Advanced Functionality

Use a wide range of powerful tools to build emails and forms from scratch, make full use of your data and engage with the right audience to improve return on investment.


Multi-User Access

Request multiple users, or multiple accounts for agencies, and manage all email campaigns in one place. Organise folders, control templates, request approval and much more.


Security & Collaboration

Prevent unauthorised access to your account by assigning and removing users, connecting security keys compatible with the platform and locking down specific IP addresses.


Real-Time Targeting

Create automated campaigns with dynamic content and trigger emails to target your customers in real time with information that's relevant to them.


Software Integration

Connect external software applications to access real-time data to create segments, personalise campaigns and feed information into the content of your emails.


Training and Support

Receive a bespoke training programme for all users as part of the onboarding process, learn how to use the platform efficiently and take advantage of on-going support service.


Inbox & Deliverability

Rest assured that measures are in place to help you reach your subscribers by providing testing tools, rendering previews, customised IP address, unsubscribe feedback and more.



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