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Data Management Tools for Advanced Email Marketing

“One of the main reasons we chose to partner with Emailcenter is because of the strength of their platform API for integration.” – Alchemetrics

Emailcenter supports permission-based email marketing and the quality of your data can have a big effect on the performance of your email campaigns. Maxemail contains powerful tools that enable you to import and capture data, build your target audience and deliver personalised messages to your subscribers.

Use Real-Time Data to Trigger Campaigns

Create automated email campaigns and quickly target subscribers following an action on your website, at the point of transaction or at a specific time during the customer journey.

Send Emails with Dynamic Content

Use the Maxemail email builder to add customer profile fields to the content of your emails, the subject line and preview text to personalise your campaigns.

Enhance engagement by using dynamic content components to deliver emails containing different colours, images, text and offers determined by the data you hold for each customer.

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Data Management Tools

Integrate the software applications you already use through an FTP, URL or Maxemail‘s API which allows you to update records individually or in batch. By syncing your CRM system, eCommerce platform and other applications you can be certain that your data is always up to date, removing the hassle of manually uploading information for your email lists, segments and datatables.

Email Lists

Import, append and grow as many email lists as you need including opted-in subscribers, seed lists, bounce data, unsubscribes and more.


Customer Profiles

Build a profile for each subscriber, use this information to assign them to segments and apply profile fields to personalise emails.



Group your subscribers using customer profile and behavioural data to send more targeted and personalised email campaigns.



Structure and present data on a particular subject to create highly-targeted segments and populate campaigns with dynamic content.


Email Marketing Data

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Other Data Support Features

Data Upload

Manually upload information for email lists, segments and datatables if you're unable to import via the integration method.


Data Export

Download email lists, export campaign statistics in Excel and PDF format, and schedule reports to be sent to you periodically.


Form Builder

Create email sign up forms for your website and events, build on subscribers and collect by using different email lists.


Preference Centre

Ask your subscribers what products, services and offers they're interested in, how often they'd prefer to be emailed, and more.


Test and Send

Test the design, deliverability and performance of you emails using the data gathered in Maxemail before sending to your subscribers.



Analyse the data collected for each campaign to measure engagement and return on investment for future email development.


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