Boosting your Relevancy with Dynamic Content in Emails

“Maxemail’s dynamic content tool increased our conversion rate by 150%” – Cartridge People

Move your email marketing to the next level by incorporating dynamic content into your email campaigns

Dynamic Content allows you to create one email that will display different content depending on the subscriber who receives it. Usually, to achieve this you would need to use segmentation, however, Maxemail gives you this power.

There are three ways you can use Maxemail to achieve more relevant email content.

Dynamic Content in the email builder

Maxemail’s drag and drop email builder makes it simple to include dynamic content into all of your emails. Just grab the dynamic content component and drop it into position. Create numerous versions, add criteria from your data and you are done. Easy to set up but incredibly powerful.

Dynamic Content in emails

data tables and dynamic content

Using Data Tables

When you want to include related products or recommendations, data tables are the way to go. Easily upload your data to Maxemail via any of the Maxemail import options, including local file import, remote location import, FTP server import and Salesforce report import.

Once you have selected your upload method, simply link up your data table links to CSV columns and start the import process. You will have to include the pre-created HTML for the data table to add. Now you can insert your data table information into your email and use your data to suggest recommended and related products.

Using Rulesets

Similarly to data tables, rulesets can be used for adding dynamic content, by using snippets instead of pre-created HTML. Using your created snippets, you can use rulesets to determine which one will be displayed for each recipient.

Rulesets for Dynamic Content

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