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“Since moving to Maxemail and using the new email builder, we’ve seen an increase in our email click-through rates by 37% and our click-share on mobile devices by 85%. It’s also helped to reduce the time spent building and optimising our emails.” – Royal Society of Chemistry

Creating advanced email campaigns doesn’t have to be time consuming and complex. Maxemail’s email builder provides all the tools needed to construct mobile-responsive campaigns with ease. Structure and stylise your campaigns using drag and drop functionality to create highly-relevant, personalised and professional emails.

Maxemail’s Email builder;

  • Caters for all abilities with no need for HTML knowledge and an easy to use interface
  • Eliminates the risk of any display issues with automatic mobile responsive functionality
  • Saves time and resources through drag and drop functionality and pre-built templates
  • Eliminates the risk of errors using pre-send testing tools
  • Maintains brand consistency through controlled templates
  • Easily apply personalisation through a variety of tools

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Drag and drop your way to fully optimised email perfection!

Maxemail’s fully mobile responsive Email Builder allows users to create elegant and professional emails without having to know or worry about HTML coding.

Create a professional, fully mobile responsive email in a matter of minutes with Maxemail’s Email Builder. Drag and drop pre-built components to construct the basis of your email before adding the appropriate text and images. Save time through various features with the ability to duplicate sections and adjust the layout freely as you wish. The Email Builder automatically optimises emails for mobile devices and provides the ability to preview your email across multiple email clients.

Email Builder Features

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Mobile responsive emails
  • Flexible layout components
  • Image library
  • Newsfeed component
  • Dynamic Content
  • Personalisation
  • Custom components available
  • Selection of pre-built templates
  • Social media integration
  • Autosave feature

Email Builder Advanced Features

Automatically Mobile Responsive

With a significant number of emails now being opened on mobile devices, optimising for mobile has never been so important. Emails created in the Email Builder are automatically optimised for mobile with the ability to preview how the email will display on a mobile device and make any desired changes to the layout.

Adjust the alignment of text and images

Dynamic Content Component

Target your customers individually! Easily apply dynamic content to your campaigns through Maxemail’s Email Builder. Target customers through one single email that will display different content to each subscriber depending on their selected preferences. Using drag and drop functionality you can select single or multiple sections of your email to show the tailored content.

Dynamic Content in Email

After applying the different variations for each segment, simply apply the criteria that the recipient must meet in order to be shown the appropriate content. For example, if you wish to display certain content to recipient’s who have children, the profile field of “Personal has children” must be true for the recipient to receive the content created for those with children.

Newsfeed Component

Include an external feed within your email campaigns using the Email Builder Newsfeed Component. Simply select the desired social media channel and a selected number of posts will be pulled into the newsfeed component and included in your email.

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