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Inbox & Deliverability

A core competence of any email marketing service provider is its ability to get your emails into the inbox. Maxemail offers a tailored email delivery set-up to suit your email marketing practices and our in-house team can advise you on every aspect of maximising your inbox and deliverability rates.


Each client's mailing patterns are taken into account before providing a unique mix of dedicated and shared IP addresses to suit these needs.


Customised IP Setup

All emails can be authenticated with SPF & DKIM to enable you to build a reputation on your domains as well as your IP addresses.


Management Reporting

Overall inbox placement across all of your campaigns can be monitored through dashboards. Reports can be customised by ISP, campaigns, dates and tags to show you what percentage is delivered into the inbox.


Feedback Loops & Bounce Suppression

To ensure a good sending reputation it is important to keep the list clean. Maxemail automates this by suppressing bad addresses, removing spam complaints via the feedback loops of major ISP’s and ensuring unsubscribers are not sent emails.


Inbox Placement

Maxemail allows you to send your campaign to a wide number of mailboxes at leading ISP's, spam filters and webmail providers to report on whether the email lands in the inbox, junks or fails to arrive at all. A spam content checker is also available to help identify keywords that have spam characteristics by filters.


Content Rendering

Emailcenter partner with Litmus, the industry leader in email rendering testing. This integration allows you to see screenshots of your email in dozens of email clients. It shows how your email will look in webmail devices, desktop clients like Outlook and mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android phones which can help you vastly improve your email deliverability.


Senderscore Certification

Emailcenter also partner with Return Path, the provider of Senderscore Certified (SSC). SSC is a premium whitelist that offers brands superior inbox placement at 40% of all email inboxes, including Hotmail and Yahoo. It also offers other benefits such as images being automatically enabled upon customers opening the email. Emailcenter project manage the whole certification process on behalf of clients to ensure the certification process goes smoothly.


Other Maxemail Features

Email Builder

Build mobile responsive emails including personalisation and dynamic content using drag and drop functionality and a range of tools.


Test & Send

Maximise the performance of your campaigns by using a range of tools to test email properties and content before sending.



Measure the performance of your email campaigns and pull in-depth reports to analyse deliverability and engagement.


Training & Support

Speak to our friendly support team should you need advice on deliverability and help using the tools available.


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