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Connect business software applications, such as your CRM system and eCommerce platform, to fetch real-time data using the API.

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Some of Our Plug-ins and Partnerships

Integrate Magento to make full use of your eCommerce platform.
Connect Sage CRM and use in-depth profile data to connect with and understand your customers.
Connect via Zapier to access over 700 integrations.
Salesforce integration allows you to import information about your customers and follow up on email engagement.
Integrate Peerius to send product recommendations, messages and promotions that are relevant to each customer.
Connect XCM to get more from your data and email campaigns by creating highly-targeted messages.
Expand on the tools available from FastStats and use your data to create powerful automated campaigns.
Connect Alchemtrics and make full use of our software with their multi-channel marketing services.
Integrate Port25 Solutions, Inc. and combine our advanced email marketing tools with their powerful delivery solution.
Use Litmus directly within our platform to test your emails for errors and see how it renders with more than 30 email clients.

“The integration of our CRM data with Maxemail was a breeze, thanks to the guys at Emailcenter!” – VisitBritain

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