Organise Your Email Marketing

“We love it! Our office lives have been transformed!” – Boisdale

It is time to organise your email marketing campaigns with Maxemail

Don’t spend hours searching for your emails, Maxemail makes it easy organise your email marketing with our easy-to-use layout and user interface.

There are three ways you can use Maxemail to keep organised.

Folder Structure

Maxemail uses a familiar folder structure that you find in your favourite computer. This makes it simple to keep all of your content, messages, reports and data organised. Using the drag and drop functionality you can move your items around to suit you. Additionally, you can use the favourites section to keep you most used items for quick access.

Maxemail Sections

Separate Content Sections

Navigating through Maxemail is a breeze with specific sections to hold all of your items. Each section is colour coded so you can easily see what type of content you currently have open.

Multiple Tabs

Maxemail allows you to have multiple pieces of content open at one time, using a simple tab layout. You can quickly flick between different items, stopping you from having to close and open each item every time you wish to reference it.

Multiple Tab layout

Image Library

Image Library

Every Maxemail user has their own image library to store and host all of their images for their emails. Each image library has unlimited storage, and a maximum file upload size of 2mb, meaning your images will load quickly for all of your recipients.

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