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Security and Collaboration

Managing multiple users or accounts can create a number of challenges, so we’ve built a range of tools and features into Maxemail to enhance productivity and security. Control user access rights and oversee all activity to ensure your account remains secure and your email marketing campaigns are delivered error free.

Multiple Users

We understand that various members of your team are involved in email marketing activity for your business, so have designed Maxemail to accommodate multiple users and manage activity under one single account.


Multiple Accounts

For digital agencies who manage email marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients, we can also enable the setup of multiple accounts and have made it easy for you to switch between each one.


Security Keys and IP Lockdown

To prevent unauthorised access into your Maxemail account, you can request a second level of authentication for all users in the form of a security key. User access can also be restricted to your chosen range of IP addresses.


Permissions and Access

Assign a unique set of access rights to each user relating to their specific role. For example, remove a user from being able to give final approval on an email campaign or limit what data files each department has access to.


Multi-Workspace and Folders

Create unlimited folders, sub-folders and workspaces to keep all data, emails and other assets separate. Permissions can be added to folders or workspaces to ensure users only have access to their departments assets.


Controlled Email Templates

Create a library of email templates and allow users to only edit the content for their campaigns using the drag and drop email builder, ensuring that the brand and code remain untouched.


Activity Trackers

Keep up-to-date with recent activity, campaigns for approval and emails sent or cancelled using dashboard widgets. Log into each campaign individually to see all activity relating to the changes with that specific email.


Campaign Approval and Testing

Control who's authorise to approve and send emails, and encourage users to optimise campaigns in line with the range of testing tools available before asking for the go-ahead on their campaigns.


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