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Learn From Your Customers With Advanced Email Marketing Reporting Tools

“The Maxemail A/B split testing function has increased open and click-through rates by 20%” – Canvas Holidays

Maxemail’s advanced reporting suite allow you to monitor campaign engagement, conversion and return on investment (ROI) in real time. Visualise results using a variety of tools, generate reports and start to use the data to understand your customers in order to improve the results of future campaigns.

Track the Performance of Your Email Campaigns

Deliverability and Engagement Statistics

Build mobile-responsive emails, create triggers and report on how each campaign performed directly within the Maxemail platform. Gather statistics on the total number of emails sent, bounce rate, open rate, clicks, conversion rate, revenue generated and unsubscribes. Discover if any subscribers marked your email as spam, review the email client deliverability success rate and delve deeper into each campaign using Maxemail’s Insight Report tool.

Report on Conversion and ROI

Gain full clickstream data for each recipient that clicked a link and easily track conversions and revenue generated from your email campaigns. Report on unique clicks and view email interactions on a handy heat map within the platform.

Connect with Google Analytics

Maxemail makes it easy to enable Google Analytics tracking, so you can follow the success of your email campaigns along with all other marketing activity. Monitor the content path that your subscribers take when clicking through to your website.

Maxemail Email Campaign Comparison Report | Emailcenter

Go Beyond Top Level Statistics

Gain Real Insight into Your Email Campaigns

Insight Reports allow you to dig deeper into your email marketing reporting data and help you to assess what you should be doing next to improve the performance of your campaigns. This report breaks down engagement, conversion and deliverability statistics and provides a fresh overview of the health of your email database.

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Detailed Recipient Engagement

Understand how many subscribers always, regularly or casually open your emails. Gain insight into those who are inactive and identify when list fatigue starts in the recipient lifecycle. Use this data to support your reactivation email programme and ideas for boosting engagement.

Inbox Placement and Viewing

Discover what email providers and email clients are used by your recipients, and take a look at how many open on a desktop or mobile device. Use this information to support future deliverability and responsive emails for both desktop and mobile viewing.

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Compare the Results of Your Campaigns

Identify What Emails Grabbed Your Subscriber’s Attention

The Comparison Report feature allows users to compare the results of multiple email campaigns and create benchmarks for future planning. Select your email campaigns with the date range to visualise engagement statistics in both table and graph format.

Analyse the data to identify your most engaged campaigns and highlight trends using top level engagement statistics. Delve and deeper into each one using Maxemail’s Insight Report tool for further information on engagement and deliverability.

Analyse Multivariate and Split Tests Results

Test different versions and variations of your email campaigns before delivering to your entire list or segment. Analyse the results and make sure you out your best design forward.

Report on Segment Engagement

Create segments based on customer profile data and send highly-targeted email campaigns. Drill down into performance statistics to find out how engaged your segments are and what types of customers are generating ROI for your business.

Maxemail Email Split Testing Tool | Emailcenter

Reporting Tools

User Activity Log

Track what your users are doing at email campaign level or within the platform itself and trace activity back using the timestamp.


Email Send Log

See what emails were sent from the platform within a specific timeframe and check the value and property details for each one.


Summary Report

Review engagement at campaign level or across all emails sent from the platform within a specific time frame.


Deliverability Report

Review email deliverability with the major email providers to monitor whether your campaigns are reaching the recipients inbox.


Data Export

Manually pull data from your email analysis reports as a PDF or CSV file or request this information to be sent via the Maxemail's API.


Scheduled Reports

Keep up with your reporting by scheduling reports to be sent directly to you and your colleagues via email on a regular basis.


Custom Dashboards

Users can create their own custom dashboards and access all the tools they need from one place.


Favourite Reports

Users can also favourite frequently used reports and access them quicker in platform interface.


Request a Maxemail Demonstration

For further information on Maxemail’s comprehensive reporting suite and the support offered to all users, please get in touch to speak with one of our experts. Let us know about your requirements so we can help you achieve email marketing success using the range of tools available in our platform.