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Effective Email Marketing Segmentation

Discover how to use segmentation the smart way with a powerful and easy to use tool.

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How Maxemail Segments Differently

Email marketing segmentation doesn’t need to be complicated! Maxemail makes it easy with our advanced, yet simple to use segmentation tool – you can start targeting the correct audience with our smart approach

“We love it! Our office lives have been transformed!” – Boisdale

Data plays one of the key roles in running a successful email marketing campaign – without it nobody can see your email, however, sending out bulk emails can leave the subscriber feeling perplexed if the content isn’t relevant to them.

Use Your Data Wisely

Maximise the data you already have by creating segments based on the content of the emails you are sending. Create profiles for your data to be populated in, making the segmentation process easy.

Engagement profiles are included as standard, giving you some key information you can segment against, including last opened email date, the number of clicks made and the date they were added to your list.

Create As Many Segments As You Need

It doesn’t matter how many segments you need – create them once and they will be readily available for all of your campaigns.

Profile fields for email marketing

Create Your Segmentation Rules

Create simple or complex segmentation rules upon multiple criteria to drill down into your data as deep as you need to go.

Need to make a change? Simply reopen the segment, edit and save.

Segmentation criteria

Adding Your Segments To Your Campaigns

Adding your selected segments to a campaign is a breeze. All available segments are listed within the data section of your campaign and it’s as simple as selecting the segments your require.

Email Marketing Data

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