Test and Send Features

Maxemail’s Test & Send Features help maximise the performance of your email campaigns ensuring your emails are error free, display appropriately and, most importantly, reach the recipient!

Multivariate Testing

Go beyond a simple A:B split test testing multiple elements of an email using multivariate testing. Maxemail allows you to create an infinite number of emails based on variations of your content. Maxemail will then send out the chosen email variations to a small section of your list before providing you with the best performing combination to be used for the remainder of your list.


Unlimited Test Sends

Witness your campaign in its destined environment as many times as you wish with an unlimited number of test sends, allowing you to send your email campaign to yourself, colleagues or whoever you wish to gain feedback to eliminate the risk of errors. Maxemail’s test sends don’t have any effect on your email credits, allowing you to send as many test emails as you desire.



Maxemail enables you to schedule your newly created emails to be sent at the time that works best for you, no matter how far in the future.


Litmus Email Preview

Mitigate the risk of experiencing display issues with your email campaigns by previewing your email across a large library of different email clients.


Check Email

Eliminate the risk of potential errors being included in your emails with the use of Maxemail’s Check Email feature. This prevents those errors that sometimes slip through the cracks, such as broken images and links, from occurring.


Campaign Approval Process

Ensure complete control of your email campaigns through Maxemail’s campaign approval process, allowing you to select certain users to have the authority to send your campaigns, eliminating the risk of campaigns being sent accidentally.


Split Test

Test different contents against each other and then send the best performing version to the rest of your database.


Inbox Testing

Test the deliverability of your email across a range of the most popular email clients.


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