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Test and Send Features

Once you’ve created your campaign using Maxemail’s email builder, it’s time to use email testing to maximise performance by eliminating errors, overcoming potential issues and scheduling to send at the right time.

Go Beyond Simple Split A/B Testing

In Maxemail you can go as far as split A/B/C/D/E/F testing if you wish. Trial multiple versions of your email campaign against each other before sending the best performing version to the rest of your audience – perfect if you’re not quite sure which subject line will encourage your audience to open.

Multivariate Testing Ability

For those who are serious about email testing, you can test different versions of lots of variables using Maxemail’s multivariate testing tool to create the winning combination for your campaign.

Split Testing in Maxemail | Emailcenter

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Email Checks

Perform a systematic check of your email’s properties and content to highlight errors such as broken links.

Spam Checks

Receive a detailed analysis of your email and its spam characteristics using SpamAssassin.

Inbox Testing

Send a copy of your email to popular email clients, such as Outlook and Google Mail to view the deliverability success rate.

Litmus Email Preview

Take advantage of the Litmus email testing tool included as standard in Maxemail’s comprehensive test suite.

Email testing in clients – See how your message will render across more than 30 email clients and devices and discover if your images will be displayed. Each client is categorised by Web, Mobile, Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows.

Test Sends

Send test emails to any email address or seed list so it can be viewed and tested in the inbox before scheduling.

Approval & Scheduling

Give certain users authority to approve campaigns before they are sent to eliminate the risk of emails being sent by mistake or with errors. Schedule your newly created emails to be sent at a time and date that works best for you, no matter how far in advance.

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Other Maxemail Features

Email Builder

Everything you need in one place to build mobile responsive email campaigns including personalisation and dynamic content.



See how your emails have performed and use in-depth reports to make improvements to your email marketingprogramme.


Inbox & Deliverability

We have measures in place to help you build a good sender reputation with email clients so your campaigns are delivered to the inbox.


Training & Support

Our friendly support team are only a phone call away should you need help using or accessing the tools within our platform.


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