smarter email marketing

Smarter Email Marketing

The capability of email marketing has increased ten fold over the last few years, with the introduction of clever tools, like drag and drop email builders, mobile responsive emails and dynamic content. With the invocation of such user-friendly tools, successful email marketing has become much more accessible and achievable for businesses, like yours.

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Yet how do you get yourself into the mind frame of Smarter Email Marketing and start to use these tools!

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Creating emails has never been so easy. Just select your layout, drag and drop your content, load and assign your list, select segments, run your tests and then schedule your emails to be sent. It’s that simple.

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Mobile Responsive Emails

Smartphones and tablets have made viewing emails much easier. You wake up, you cheek your emails. Your on the train, you check your emails. You’re in a cafe, you cheek your emails. You have your lunch… you get the picture. So it’s imperative that you have an email that will display properly no matter what device it’s viewed on. Any email created in our email builder will automatically create a mobile version, which you can easily adjust,  so you always know your emails will look at their best on a mobile device!

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Dynamic Content

What if you could send an email to your database, and the content of that email would change depending on the interests of the reader? Well now you can. Dynamic content allows this to happen easily. Create one email, choose the section that will differ for your subscibers, make the variations of the content from within that email, set your criteria and you’re done. Now you will be delivereing more relevant content and your subscriber will love you for it*.

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Dynamic Content in action


To really hit the criteria for Smarter Email Marketing, automation really needs to be at the heart of it. Subscribers who receive automated emails get them based on an action. For example, signing up to your email list, opening an account, making a purchase or downloading a white paper. All of these actions should trigger a well though-out programme, so you can keep in touch with these subscribers, and start to build a relationship. It’s easy to create automated campaigns though Maxemail, just build your email, set your triggers and your campaign will start flying.

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Keep upto date with Email Marketing

We are always keen to give our clients as much help as possible with thier email marketing. We have developed a welth of expereince that we share through our blog and resources. Check them out to get ahead.

* Your subscribers may not actually love you for it, but I am sure they will be at the very least mildly pleased with you.