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Email and Social Media Working Together

Discover how Maxemail can integrate with your Social media platforms to push your messages across multiple channels

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Social Media Features

Share Email to Social Media

Give your social media followers a chance to see your emails. Our simple integration allows you to automatically post an online version of your email to your social feeds.

Share Email by Social Media

Subscriber Bar

Turn your social media followers into email subscribers. Add a subscriber bar which allows your followers to sign up to future emails, with a simple click from within the online version of your email.

Email subscriber bar for online version

Social Newsfeeds in Email

Keep your email subscribers informed with your social media activity by including a social newsfeed within your emails. Either automatically add your previous posts or manually select the ones relevant to particular subscribers.

Social media newsfeed in email

Share & Follow Buttons

Boost your following by including social media follow links and share buttons into your email, either manually or as a pre-created snippet.

Social Share and follow buttons in emails

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