Reading SMS message

SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing messaging is now available in Maxemail. Target your subscribers with a follow-up/reminder message, new offer or information, quickly and easily.

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SMS Pricing

SMS Messaging Licence


Per Month

Includes Setup and Virtual Mobile Number

SMS Credits


Per Credit*

Credits are assigned to a customer space and 

are determined by message length


* 4.2p per credit is for UK only. Contact us for non-UK numbers pricing.

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Simple SMS Process

Easy Setup

Getting started with SMS is easy, providing you already have your subscriber’s mobile phone numbers. If you don’t, now is a great time to be setting up an “Update Your Details” email programme. Creating folders and new SMS messages follow the same simple process as creating emails in Maxemail.

SMS set up feature

Add Your List

Add your list to your new SMS campaign. Automatically include your Master Unsubscribe list and Master Stop List to all messages, so you don’t contact anyone who has previously opted out! Adding segments is also easy by selecting the chosen segment or recreating a new one.

Add your list

Create Your SMS

Creating an SMS is much easier than creating an email as you are limited to text only. SMS messages are subject to character limits, but we will let you know message size as you start typing. Additionally, if you add Emoji’s these will automatically become MMS messages.

Create SMS

Add Personalisation

Include any profile information in to your SMS messages, like recipient’s first name to make your messages more personalised.

Add SMS personalisation

Add Link Tracking

Maxemail can track links in all of your SMS communications, allowing you to accurately report on your campaigns performance.

SMS link tracking

Send Your Message

Use test sends to see your message on your own phone before you set it to approved for sending.

Send your message

Your Messages Get Delivered

Now your messages will be delivered to your subscribers telling them about your important news. Winner!

SMS delivered

Reply Handling

Maxemail’s SMS reply handler will allow you to receive email notification for all of the replies to your SMS and view each reply within the platform.

SMS replys

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