Training and Support

At Emailcenter, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality training and support services to all Maxemail users ensuring that they are confident in using our email marketing software to its full potential.

We believe our training and support services are second to none. Our experts take pride in delivering a friendly, efficient and personalised customer experience, providing Maxemail Users with the knowledge and tools to implement engaging email communications that drive return on investment.

Implementation Process

Our training and support team take all new clients through a tailored setup process, welcoming you to Maxemail, assessing your email marketing requirements and configuration, and kick-starting the integration of external data sources.

Tailored Introductory Training

When convenient, one of our experts will schedule a training session to run through the extensive range of email marketing tools and features available to you. This is carried out via telephone using an online presentation, but an on-site training session can also be arranged.

On-going Support

Emailcenter’s training and support service doesn’t stop there. Whilst you’re a Maxemail user you can enjoy unlimited support from our team of experts via our dedicated telephone and email support system. Our first line of support have the knowledge and experience to help you understand the capabilities of our email marketing platform, with our second line of support on standby to assist with any technical issues or requirements.

Recently we launched our Emailcenter Community as a place for all Maxemail users to voice their opinion, submit suggestions and keep up-to-date with development of our email marketing platform, whilst accessing useful tips and tricks.

Further to this, our Maxservices team offers a range of bespoke services to Maxemail users who require additional support with developing their strategy and full management of their email marketing campaigns.

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To find out more about Maxemail, get in touch today and speak to one of our email experts on 01327 810740.