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Our intuitive platform helps you to streamline processes making it easier to build complex email marketing campaigns

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Recorded System

Customer Satisfaction

Software Integration

Connect your eCommerce platform and other business software applications to fetch data and trigger emails tailored to the recipient.


Advanced Tools & Features

Segment your list, build mobile responsive emails, thoroughly test campaigns, create event triggers, pull insight reports and more.


Security & Collaboration

Create multiple user accounts and client spaces, control email templates, grant permission to send campaigns and monitor activity.


Training & Support

Receive platform training and reliable telephone and email support from our team as standard for the duration of your contract.


More About Maxemail

Build Mobile Responsive Emails

Maxemail’s intuitive drag-and-drop email builder enables you to create elegant mobile responsive campaigns with ease.

Add personalisation to the subject line, preview text and body of your email and determine what content the recipient sees using dynamic content tools within the email builder.

Test Your Emails Before Sending

Maximise the performance of your campaigns by running split tests and multivariate tests and use the tools within the test suite to make sure emails are sent error free.

Maxemail - Mobile Responsive Email Design| Emailcenter

Email Marketing Multivariate Testing Example | Emailcenter

Easily Segment Your Email List

Analyse your data, decide on who you want to target and create segments to determine your audience so you can build highly relevant, timely and effective email campaigns.

Generate Insight Reports for Analysis

View top level statistics on how your campaigns perform or delve into the reporting suite for more detail on engagement.

Use this information to optimise your message, understand who’s not opening emails or identify the point in the customer lifecycle that list fatigue starts.

Maxemail Email Campaign Comparison Report | Emailcenter

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