Maxemail Version 87

New Section Toolbars and Create & Export Process

New toolbars have been added to the top of the Data, Email, Content and Reporting sections, making it quicker for you to access contextual actions for everything directly from within the navigation.

In line with our ongoing improvements to make using Maxemail easier to use and faster to get around, in this update, we introduce two big changes to the user interface designed to help with creating and organising email, content, data and reports.

Section Toolbars

Toolbars heading up each navigation section which offer an alternative to right-clicking. Quickly access contextual actions for everything directly in the navigation itself.

Inline Create & Export Processes

Streamlined and moved into the navigation panels, creating items is now more wizard driven than ever before. The same changes have also been applied to the process of exporting keeping everything you need in one place.