Emailcenter has a variety of options available to you if you are looking to create a set of emails that are triggered by an event or activity.

Welcome Programs

Designing and implementing a welcome program can easily be achieved with the help of Emailcenter’s expert Client Services team.
Sign-up Forms

Creating sign-up forms for your website to capture the email address and other relevant information required, such as name, address, date of birth etc.

Design & Build

Design and build a welcome email that is automatically sent to all new sign-ups.

Recurring Emails

Implementing a rule that will resend the welcome email to everyone who didn’t open the first welcome email after a predetermined timeframe, e.g. 3 days

Up-Selling Emails

Emailcenter can provide the tools required to link your products and sales data to your email marketing, by setting up an up-selling email system.
Data Feeds

Set up of a data feed to import products and sales data in to Maxemail.

Design & Build

Design & build the up-sell email that will be sent to each customer after a purchase.

Dynamic Content

Create dynamic sections that merge in products related to the original purchase.

Triggered Emails

Emailcenter’s experts can help you to build an email system that send emails triggered by an event, like a client birthday, the anniversary of their subscription, an elapsed client or an abandoned shopping cart.

Hyper-Personalised Emails

Develop your emails to included hyper-personalised content linked to the preferences that your client has entered.
Data Collection

Set up a data feed to import users details from pre-existing forms.


Create personalised sections that will link segments with the relevant personalised content.

Design & Build

Design & Build the email that will contain the personalised sections.