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Strategic Service Key Terms

“The excellent rapport we have with our dedicated account manager, as well as the rest of the team, has enabled us to develop some complex email marketing initiatives.” – Citybond Holdings PLC

When discussing email programmes and support service options with our Maxservices team some of the following phrases may pop up. It’s important for us to help clients understand what we mean by these to improve the level of service given and develop campaigns that are of value to your business.

Email Programme Strategy

Strategy includes the planning, creation and delivery of your automated email programmes.

Automated Emails

Sending emails automatically based on an event, e.g. email sign-up, purchase or brochure download. Programmes can range from one email upwards and can contain multiple criteria and decision to determine the email content your subscriber receives.

Behavioural Marketing

Using behavioural data, like website visits, purchase history or email interaction (opens/clicks) to specifically target your subscribers.

Browse Abandonment Programme

An email or series of emails triggered when a customer has browsed a category or products page on your website and leaves without adding anything to their cart.

Cart Abandonment Programme

An email or series of emails that are triggered when a shopping cart has been left a defined period of time with items still in it, without checkout completed.

Content Strategy

The planning, creation and delivery of email content including written copy, imagery and video.

Email List

Your list of contacts (email addresses) who have subscribed to receive marketing emails from you.


Your email list and other information relating to your business that’s used to drive your email marketing programmes.


An arrangement of data using rows and columns like an excel spreadsheet and used to structure present information.


Segmentation refers to a group of criteria that you have in place to be able to isolate or exclude certain areas of your data, such as excluding all inactive subscribers from your sends.

Layout Design

Your emails are a reflection of your brand, and your email layout should reflect your brand’s corporate identity consistently across all campaigns.

Social Media Integration

Share your email on Facebook and Twitter with the Maxemail Social Media Integration feature.

Dynamic Content

The ability to change the content of your email depending on who the recipient is based on criteria you set.

Split Testing

Test multiple versions (a/b/c/d/e) of one variable, such as the subject line, with a small segment to determine which version is most engaging.

Multivariate Testing

Test multiple versions of multiple variables with a small segment to determine the winning combination.

Pre-send Testing

Before you schedule your emails, running it through a pre-send test will look at the popular email clients, like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to give you an indication of how your email performs, if it’ll be delivered or junked, and why.

Campaign Analysis

One of our Account Managers will review your campaigns to see if your campaign was a success or where it needs to be reviewed for future campaigns.


How many people received your email in their inbox and the engagement report will tell you how many email addresses bounced where the message didn’t get delivered.


The overall result of your campaign in terms of sent, delivered, opens, clicks, conversions, unsubscribes etc.