Strategic Services

After an initial consultation, our Maxservices team will provide a detailed analysis of your campaign to thoroughly understand your goals and identify areas where customer engagement can be improved. Following this, your account manager will look at any underlying trends, anomalies and seasonal performance, whilst using our Email Marketing Tools Framework, R.O.A.D. (relevance, optimisation, analysis & deliverability).

Whether it’s recommendations around the development of triggered messages or the creation of a welcome program to develop customers into a full customer lifecycle engagement strategy, our Maxservices team can develop a workflow plan that targets customers with content which is timely, relevant and dynamic. Rest assured, our experts have the strategic input you need to deliver tangible results leveraging on customer data and consumer behaviour.



Emails are no longer confined to computers, and with more and more devices being used to open and read emails, it is important that your messages are optimised to display clearly. Of course, you have the mobile preview tool within Maxemail, but your account manager will also analyse your emails providing advice on what you can do to improve readability.



Studies and logic show that if you send out emails which are relevant to your subscribers they will perform better than those sent using a batch and blast method, where no consideration to the readers interests are taken into account. Our expert account managers will look at your campaigns and advise you on areas where you could improve by adding more relevance using segmentation, dynamic content, new programmes or a combination of them all.



Was your last campaign a success, failure or just the same as the rest of them. You will have a full analysis of the result, looking deeper than just click and open rates in order to derive important learning’s from your email campaigns to feedback into future ones.



There is very little point going through the whole process of creating an email campaign if the end result is that it doesn’t get delivered to the subscriber. No matter how sophisticated that campaign is, if it doesn’t adhere to best practices of email marketing, then the chances of your subscribers actually getting it in their inbox will diminish. Your account manager will ensure that all of the correct steps have been taken to maximise the inbox placement of your emails.


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