Original Travel Case Study

Salesforce Integration

Original Travel’s objective was to boost retention rates and sales via their email marketing channel. Their aim was to make better use of customer data by sending personalised emails featuring travel recommendations relevant to each subscriber.


Original Travel approached Emailcenter as their email service provider at the time didn’t offer the tools and functionality required via their email marketing platform. They were seeking an intuitive email marketing platform that offered Salesforce integration and advanced email building tools, data segmentation and reporting functionalities.

Following a tailored demonstration of Maxemail and learning about how we could help them to achieve their objective, Original Travel made the decision to migrate over to our platform.


Salesforce integration was simple as the application was already in place, which meant we could get Original Travel up and running with Maxemail in no time. Allowing the two platforms to share real-time data enabled Original Travel to create various segments, build and send email campaigns, and utilise reporting tools to follow up on customer engagement.

Maxemail’s advanced email builder enabled Original Travel to add dynamic content to their email campaigns using drag-and-drop functionality, which they couldn’t do previously. This allowed them to set up one email campaign and display different recommendations to each of their recipient upon rendering using data supplied via the Salesforce Integration.

To assist with strategy and campaign development, our Maxservices Team proposed a bespoke support package. Their account manager built two branded email templates using the email builder to help them get started and implemented two automated email programmes, with another two planned in for the future. Quarterly reports are produced with an in-depth analysis of their campaigns and use of data to help them develop their strategy.

The Maxservices Team are now undertaking additional work to help Original Travel segment their data and target specific customers with recommended holiday destinations that are relevant to them. For example, those who booked an engagement holiday with them previously will receive recommendations for their honeymoon based on their preferences.