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Founded in 2004, On the Beach are the UK’s leading independent beach holiday specialists, sending over 1 million beach loving sunseekers on holiday each year.

The Objective

On the Beach approached Emailcenter with the objective to implement a number of automated and targeted email campaigns to help improve engagement levels and increase the number of bookings through their website. They required a series of automated emails to guide customers through the booking process and act upon any relevant up-selling opportunities.

Additionally, On the Beach wanted to maximise the performance of their email campaigns through the implementation of targeted emails, providing their subscribers with relevant holiday offers based upon their history, preferences and behaviour.

Automated Emails

What did Emailcenter do?

Emailcenter worked with On the Beach to create a series of automated emails which would be sent to the customer to assist them with the booking process for their holiday. Once Emailcenter received data of the booking, an automated email could be sent to the customer, based upon certain rules set by On the Beach, ensuring that the additional part being followed up was relevant and useful to the customer. For example, if the booking was for a hotel only, the customer would receive an email the day after the booking asking the customer if they required a flight booking as well.

Emailcenter implemented a series of recurring emails for On the Beach, all based upon diff erent criteria which was fed into Maxemail. This allowed for multiple recurring emails to be sent at the appropriate time based upon the customers browsing history and behaviour before, during and after the booking was made. Based upon a specific rule set in Maxemail, customers would receive emails necessary to them for confirmation, reminders and suggested up-selling services that may be of interest to the customer.

For example, a welcome home program was setup to continue the communication with customers. This included a series of emails, with the first email sent automatically on the day of the customers return from their holiday. These welcome emails contained a feedback survey with a competition to win a free holiday, promotional offers and links to the On the Beach website and social media sites.

Recurring emails throughout the booking process included:

Welcome Home HQ

Welcome Home Email

UpSell copy

Up-sell Email

In addition to the above recurring emails, On the Beach required automated emails to help nurture potential leads on their website. Customers have the option to save the details of holiday packages as they undertake their research. On the Beach wanted to take advantage of this data, therefore Emailcenter implemented an automated email campaign to be sent to the customer the following morning displaying their saved holidays to encourage them to log onto the website and complete their booking.


What was the Outcome of the Project?

On the Beach wanted to target their subscribers by segmenting their collected data to provide relevant holiday packages to their customers. Emailcenter created a bespoke tool in Maxemail for On the Beach, which allowed them to segment datatables holding customer information collected over the previous years. This provided them with the ability to generate segmented lists of customers with certain demographics who can be provided with targeted emails containing relevant deals. For example, customers with children who have departed from East Midlands airport in the month of June will be sent holiday deals best suited to these requirements.

Saved Deals HQ copy

Saved Deals

Targeted Emails

Targeted Campaigns

Why was the Campaign Successful

What was the Outcome of the Project

Following the completion of the project, On The Beach were able to take full advantage of data segmentation and assist their customers throughout the booking process, providing increased sales intelligence. Now Maxemail does the hard work, allowing On The Beach to have fully automated email campaigns. Emailcenter were able to setup and complete the project in a timely manner, with On The Beach requesting a quick turn around for the campaigns to be introduced.

On The Beach now maximise the use of their collected data to ensure that all their emails provide value to the customer as well as a better, more personal customer experience. Whether the email is an automated reminder to book an additional service relating to the customers transaction, or a targeted email providing information on a holiday that the customer has shown interest in, both provide a personal approach to email marketing.

This Case Study is available to download.

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