Behavioural Targeting Increased Conversions by 254%


Responsible Travel lead the way in offering locally distinctive, authentic holidays across the globe that are beneficial to the destinations and local communities.

The Challenge

Responsible Travel’s trend reports showed that click through rates from their newsletter were falling steadily. Emailcenter recognised this as a classic sign of list fatigue. Responsible Travel needed to reverse this decline and find a way to improve the conversion rates of their emails.

Segmentation based on post booking and enquiry data did not provide relevant insight because it seemed that most subscribers’ holiday preferences would change every year. Due to the range of holidays offered by Responsible Travel it was also difficult to categorise bookings into just one preference. For example, an activity holiday might also be an adventure holiday and a family holiday.

The timing and frequency of the newsletter was also counter-intuitive. Customers were spending a few weeks a year researching their holiday but they were receiving emails ever week.

The Solution

Emailcenter assisted Responsible Travel to add tracking code to their website. This tracking code captured relevant data on a customer’s search activity and linked this with their email address. This allowed Responsible Travel to identify when people were searching for holidays and what they were searching for.

Emailcenter’s mailing platform, Maxemail, combined the tracking with a data feed of Responsible Travel’s best selling products. This combination of data took into account the thousands of holiday categories and location combinations. With this combined data Emailcenter was able to implement an automated programme of relevant and timely emails.

Maxemail delivered these emails 24 hours after the customer’s initial search. The subject line was personalised and the content was tailored to browsing activity. The customer received a list of the 10 best selling holidays that related to their actual website search.

In addition Responsible Travel included similar targeted products in their regular newsletters and created an automatic follow up email for customers who had filled in an online enquiry form.

The Results

Responsible Travel are now able to send highly relevant content to their customers at the right point in their decision process.

Maxemail vs Control group:

Email engagement rates:

Responsible Travel Case Study| Emailcenter

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