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Simply Media produce a wide range of content channels including Avenue11, the daily entertainment news service and The Baby Channel. In total there are 12 channels which they also produce weekly email newsletters for.

This volume of email newsletters presents Simply Media with a vast workload for such a small team. Therefore Simply have deployed a number of the Emailcenter automation tools to reduce the number of manual tasks involved in their email marketing programmes.

Fully Automated Closed Loop Data Capture & Management

Emailcenter developed a number of sign-up forms and profile pages for each channel. These enable visitors to sign-up to the weekly emails and tailor their subscriptions. When someone completes the form the record is updated directly into a list within Maxemail saving the need for time consuming manual CSV imports. Once in Maxemail the unsubscribe and bounce management is automatically handled so Simply never have to handle any list management.

Automated Content Generation

The build of each of the weekly newsletters was taking over 2 hours each time and presenting Simply with problems in meeting their tight deadlines. Emailcenter solved this issue by implementing their unique ‘Content Generator’ solution. This took the news items directly from their RSS feeds and merged them into the email template in the correct HTML and text formatting. All Simply have to do is choose the news items from a tick list and where they want them to go in the email. From here only standard changes like swapping over banner adverts are necessary, reducing build time from a few hours to a few minutes.

Dynamic Content For Reducing The Number of Different Emails Sent

Simply offer their readers the opportunity to tailor what topics they receive ranging from entertainment news through to health tips. Rather than set-up an email for each of these topic areas Simply use dynamic content rules to define which items are inserted for every recipient within a single email, dramatically reducing the overall number of email newsletters that need to be created. A secondary benefit is it reduces the frequency recipients receive an email helping to minimise the risk of list fatigue.

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