Improved bookings by 76% within a year


Toptable are Europe’s largest restaurant booking site. They seat 3million diners a year, across more than 20,000 restaurants in 14 countries. At, diners can find tables at Michelin-Starred restaurants, venues run by celebrity chefs, local bistros and high street chains.

The Challenge had a simplistic email programme which was suffering from falling booking rates. There was also a large percentage of first time bookers who failed to go on and make any additional bookings.

The challenge was to find a way to increase booking rates by improving toptable’s email programme.

Stage 1: Lifecycle Emails

Emailcenter created a series of automatically triggered emails. These emails are sent out at key points in the customer’s lifecycle:

New customers received educational welcome messages. Disengaged customers received offers when they have not made a booking in 6 weeks. Those who had experienced a failed booking received booking guarantee messages. When the conditions of the triggers were met, Maxemail automatically generated and sent personalised messages to these customers.


Stage 2: Tailored Newsletters

Emailcenter found that many of toptable’s customers thought that the website only covered the London area. This perception hindered from reaching its full potential.

Emailcenter improved toptable’s emails by adding a new dynamic section to their newsletters. This section contained different content for each recipient based on their personal data. These dynamic sections created 3,000 different versions of the email. With Maxemail’s automated system toptable were able to automatically send regional versions of their emails and increase exposure of their non-London offers. This also saved them countless hours of manual email building.

Emailcenter also tailored toptable’s newsletters to include the website’s reward point scheme. Recipients were able to see their reward balance as well as a points dependant message at the top of every newsletter.

Stage 3: Testing

Emailcenter worked with toptable to draw up a series of tests designed to optimise their email programme further. The variables tested included subject lines, personal from names and message layout. toptable’s data was split to create a control group who did not receive the lifecycle emails. This allowed them to analyse and quantify how many more bookings the lifecycle emails were providing compared to their traditional newsletters.

The Results

Lifecyle emails vs generic newsletters:

Personalisation vs generic newsletters:

Combined results:

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